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WoodStone Alicante Oval Nest Box, 32mm hole

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WoodStone Alicante Oval Nest Box, 32mm hole

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The WoodStone© Alicante 32mm Nest Boxes by CJ Wildlife have been designed for longevity. Unlike a traditional wooden nest box, these boxes will not rot away or deteriorate.

These 32mm hole nest boxes will be used by House Sparrows, Redstarts, Tree Sparrows and Great Tits. The oval hole is preferred by House Sparrows and Redstart over traditional round-hole nest boxes and House Sparrows in particular will use the larger hole to perch whilst defending their nest against rivals and predators.

We recommend using the supplied aluminium nails to mount this nest box not only due to the weight of the nest box but to limit any damage caused to trees.

Constructed from a mix of concrete and FSC wood fibres, WoodStone© nest boxes safeguard against attacks from predators including woodpeckers, cats and squirrels. WoodStone© nest boxes are guaranteed for 10 years.

The material insulates the nest which creates a more consistent internal temperature than an ordinary wooden box. This is especially important during the breeding season and ensures that young birds have a greater chance of survival.

Brand: CJ Wildlife
Material: Woodstone®
Colour: Brown
Size: 26 H x 22.5 W x 15cm D
Weight: 4kg
Hole Size: 32mm
Guarantee: 10 Years
Suitable for:  Sparrows, Great Tits, Crested Tits, Nuthatches, Pied Flycatcher