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The Nuttery Lantern Peanut Feeder

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The Nuttery Lantern Peanut Feeder

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The Squirrel proof Chinese Lantern Peanut and Seed Feeders from The Nuttery are designed to prevent adult grey squirrels and other predators from getting through the bars and stealing the food.

The Lantern Nut Feeder is weather resistant with a tough outer aluminium and stainless steel cage with a double coated steel mesh tube feeder. It will attract all kinds of garden birds year round, and it is painted red which they find appealing, particularly tits, sparrows and finches.

All Nuttery feeders are easy to clean, easy to fill and guaranteed predator-proof so they can provide a safe haven for your garden birds to feed. The tube works as a gravity hopper which allow the nuts to fall down the tube as they are taken below.

With its integral saucer it also minimises wastage. The Nuttery make beautiful squirrel-proof nut and seed feeders, designed in the UK, and are known worldwide for their quality. Their feeders are covered by a 10-year guarantee and the designs are both traditional and contemporary to suit every garden whether urban or in the countryside.

Designer: The Nuttery
Colour: Red
Size: 17cm (7") high x 20cm (8") diameter
Capacity of tube: 350g peanuts
Guaranteed Squirrel Proof