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The Nuttery Helix Purple Peanut Feeder

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The Nuttery Helix Purple Peanut Feeder

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The Nuttery Helix Peanut Feeder is a robust, squirrel proof feeder with swirls of strong steel making the outer cage.

It has a lockable lid and waste tray to prevent pieces falling on the ground which means more of the nuts are eaten. The top and base are finished in an aubergine colour.

As with all Nuttery feeders it is easy to fill and easy to clean. The Helix Nut feeder has a metal mesh tube which is the best way to feed nuts so that young birds don't choke by taking whole nuts. Peanuts need to be good quality to ensure the birds get the maximum benefit from this high protein feed which is a favourite of tits, robins, wrens and dunnocks.

All Nuttery feeders are easy to clean, easy to fill and guaranteed predator-proof so they can provide a safe haven for your garden birds to feed. The Nuttery design and make beautiful squirrel-proof fatball, peanut and seed feeders and are known worldwide for their quality. Their feeders are covered by a 10-year guarantee.

Designer: The Nuttery
Colour: Aubergine
Size: 24cm (9.5") high x 27cm (10.5") diameter
Capacity of tube: 450g peanuts
Guaranteed Squirrel Proof