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The 'Bee' Mini Apex Insect House

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The 'Bee' Mini Apex Insect House

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The 'Bee' Mini Wooden Insect House offers shelter to a variety of insects that can be beneficial to your garden.

Solitary Bees and Masonry Bees like to use the holes to lay their eggs in. Each species of bee prefers a different diameter nesting hole. For example, Masonry bees will select holes with a diameter of 3 to 7mm.

Place the insect house in a sheltered spot, preferably between vegetation, or hang on a nail no higher than 2 metres from the ground. The 'Bee' House can also be placed on a flat surface.

This Mini Insect House with its apex roof is made from FSC timber and measures just 7" square. Children will have great fun checking to see which new residents have set up home.

Brand: CJ Wildlife
Material: FSC Wood
Size: 17.5 H x 17.5 W x 11cm D