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Electric Poultry Netting & Chicken Fencing

To keep a healthy flock of hens you also need to make sure the chickens remain safe from predators. Ensure your birds aren’t snatched or eaten with our range of chicken fencing and poultry netting.

Electric Chicken Fences

Electric Chicken Fencing offers the most secure option for guarding your flock in comfort and safety. Powered by a either a 12v battery or the mains, the Hotline Deluxe Poultry Fence Kits will deliver a low voltage shock to any fox or other animal which happens to wander into it.

Electric Netting Gateway

Of course, you still need to get in and out of your chicken enclosure. Previously, this has meant having to clamber over poultry netting and disconnecting the power supply. To help make chicken keeping that little bit easier, Hotline offer a standalone Hot Gate to complete the enclosure. Connectors at the top of the gate disconnect the gate from the current as you push it open with the plastic handle, ensuring you – unlike the fox – don’t get a shock.

Electric Fence Tester

If you want to check your electric chicken fence – as you surely will – but don’t fancy getting an electric shock yourself, you can use the Hotline LED Fence Tester. This self-earthing fence tester is small and easily portable, and capable of taking readings of up to 10kv – more than enough for any voltage your chicken fence should be putting out.

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