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National Trust Acorn Seed Feeder

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National Trust Acorn Seed Feeder

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The National Trust Acorn Seed Feeder from The Nuttery adds a touch of luxury to your garden.

A squirrel proof seed feeder The National Trust Acorn, one of the most beautiful bird feeders ever made. Crafted using only the highest quality materials, it's contemporary, yet timeless design will look great in every setting.

Available in seed and nut versions, the beautiful handmade Acorn includes an easy fill, high capacity food Hopper and stainless steel cage for added security.

Fill this feeder with seed and it will attract an array of birds including tits, finches, sparrows, nuthatches and woodpeckers.

  • Brand: The National Trust

  • Material: Stainless Steel

  • Size: 38cm high, 22cm wide, 22cm deep

  • Capacity: 950g Seed