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Information about Eggs & Egg Storage

My cooked breakfasts have become something of a legend among family and friends (including my son’s friends for whom I am endlessly using my trusty Aga and best frying pan, whenever they come to stay).

The secret ingredient in my fry-ups? The freshly laid eggs from my hard working girls who live in the chicken coop at the bottom of my garden. Tastier than any shop bought egg ever could be, they are the trick up my sleeve.

Despite the seemingly endless rounds of English breakfasts though, it doesn’t take long for production to overtake demand and you have to start thinking what you are going to do with all these delicious freshly laid eggs.

Egg Storage

During the summer, when your girls are really into prime laying time, you’ll probably quickly find yourself overrun with eggs. There are only so many egg and bacon sandwiches we can eat before we have to find somewhere to store them all. As such having somewhere to keep your eggs, be it for breakfasts or otherwise, is vital. 

If you are keeping your eggs for hatching and rearing then you will need somewhere cool and dry and where you can turn them daily. A daily turning gives the best fertility before incubating. If, however, you are storing your eggs for eating, and if your house is anything like mine, eggs will be disappearing into all kinds of recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

It’s important to keep your eggs cool, but that doesn’t necessarily mean in the fridge. With the many different colours, shades and sizes that eggs come in, it seems a shame to hide them away when you can display them in an egg holder on your kitchen worktop. Egg storage solutions, like the Egg Skelter, not only keep your eggs in order of when they were laid but are a fun holder for all your chickens’ eggs, to really show off their colour and tones.

Ceramic egg holders come in many designs and have the dual function of an elegant display for your kitchen as well as keeping your eggs safe. A great alternative to having your eggs in boxes, ceramic egg trays can really show off the wonderful colours of your eggs.

Wire egg baskets are also a popular way to present your eggs in the kitchen. With a rustic charm, it can even be carried down to the hen house for traditional egg collecting and then back to the kitchen. Wire egg holders also work equally well for fruit or veg and look great; regardless of whether they are filled with eggs, onions or apples.

The piece de resistance, however, when it comes to storing your eggs, has to be a chicken shaped egg crock. With styles and decoration to match country cottage kitchens and modern minimalist manors, these wonderful chicken egg holders look fantastic wherever.

With designer names like Emma Bridgewater and Fairmont and Main producing stylish designs for the kitchen, through to the traditional designs of Mason Cash; there is a chicken egg crock ready to keep eggs safely stored in every kitchen.