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How to Buy the Perfect Present

When it comes to buying people presents it can either be incredibly simple or impossibly difficult. Your ten-year-old nephew receives a pirate hat and that’s another birthday successfully navigated. Your 92-year-old grandmother gets a book of The Times crossword puzzles (plus the Best of Vera Lynn on CD) and she’s as happy as Larry. But what about the presents you get for everyone else. The friends, the family, that Secret Santa gift at Christmas. All those little gifts that need to be bought throughout the year.

To help out I Like Chickens has put together a little cheat sheet to help you choose the ideal present for the people you know and love, based on a few family archetypes.

The Gardener

If the “Englishman’s home is his castle”, then the garden is his realm. Here in Britain, we all love our gardens; the flowers, the vegetable patch and few things are more British than the perfect lawn. However, if you don’t have any real chickens strolling the borders or keeping the slugs from the veggie patch, they can still be a feature of your garden.

For the gardener in your life, I Like Chickens has a wonderful variety of gifts. From the very popular chicken wellies (perfect for when trying to chase the real thing on a rainy day) through to ornate garden ornaments to peek cheekily out of a decorative border, there are plenty of great ideas for the garden.

If you are trying to buy for someone who is looking to bring some life into their garden (or are perhaps a little older) then setting up some bird tables or bird boxes around the garden can really bring a vibrancy and excitement to any garden, and is a gift that keeps on giving all year long.

The Creative Sort  

Wondering what to buy the creative person can be a real brain teaser. We’ve all been there, you open your Christmas present to find a personalised hand crafted note board with your name on it, while you stare on in dread as your friend opens the yard of Jaffa Cakes you got at the local supermarket.

I Like Chickens has a brilliant range of arty quilt kits and cross stitches that will keep the nimble fingers of the creative type well occupied. With depictions of farm yard animals, chickens and eggs these make perfect gifts at any time of year for the chicken lover or inventive type.

Home Stylist

My house tends to have a more laissez faire ruling when it comes to the putting of things away or making sure everything has a home. A friend of mine has a house so minimalistic in style that I sometimes wonder if she doesn’t have a second house somewhere that she actually keeps her stuff in.

Whether you know someone with a house that is the former or the latter, I like chickens has a fantastic selection of items to help tidy a house up or to continue its state of perfection.

The wide selection of chicken cushions is guaranteed to brighten any chair or seat adding a touch of countryside charm to anyone’s room and make a great gift. Equally stylish, book ends, decorated with chickens and other farmyard animals can really help tidy up messy shelves, and make a small fun gift to give someone.

Stylishly decorated memo boards can help keep all those bits and pieces and kitchen clutter in one place. While a chalkboard can help everyone keep track of who’s doing what and remind at least one member of the family to pick up some milk. Choice gifts for the busy household.

The Chef

My best friend is a bit of a Napoleon when it comes to the kitchen and cooking, which usually results in my banishment to peel spuds. Buying a gift for the discerning chef can have many hurdles to jump.

If the chef already has three cupboards worth of tea towels, then a gift that can stand out as a real feature in the kitchen is a must. One of the elegantly pretty egg crocks or the fun egg skelters, make a real feature of the eggs, and are such wonderful gifts to give to someone, as well as being a practical egg storage solution.

Equally, when it comes to looking the part, a lovely new apron or an oven glove gauntlet can certainly help boosts a chef confidence when they whip the lid of the casserole dish and make wonderful gifts for people as you know they will be used every day.

Finally, you might know someone like myself who is designated potato peeler and washer upper and what finishes off a dinner and the tidying up better, than a lovely cup of tea. Made in a real tea pot and drunk from a lovely china mug, a nice cup of tea is the best way to relax. I Like Chickens has a wide selection of gifts for the chef and kitchen bound, ranging from small gifts as tiny thank you’s too large presents for special occasions.

The Host/Hostess

From an impromptu morning fry up for some friends staying over, through to a fancy dinner involving more knives and fork than I ever know what to do with, playing the host or hostess is a full-time job and making sure that everything looks perfect on the dinner table is vital.

A lovely table cloth and matching napkins make a perfect present for the host of any dinner party and are sure to quickly become used for best only as soon as they unwrapped. Equally some fun and funky place mats and coasters are a simple present to give, but one that you know will be enjoyed as they are used every day.

Every table has a salt and pepper set, and having one that brings a smile to the face of the person looking to add a little pepper to their dinner is a small bonus, which is what makes them such great little gifts to treat someone with. The same with a decorative jug, for either water for the table or for flowers in, a jug in the centre of the table, helps add a touch of charm to the proceedings.

The Retro Chic

I once spent a short while explaining to my daughter that I knew exactly what a retro style is. I had in a box in the loft somewhere, a matching pair of the flared jeans that she was so desperate for, that I had worn from 1973 to 1977 with great effect. Being retro is just fine if you ask me.

For the fan of the retro, I Like Chickens has a fantastic range of cups, mugs and jugs all done in a vintage design, to brighten up and table of morning coffee break.

There are also clocks and note boards in fabulous retro styling’s that adds a hint of real class to the interior decor of any home. Finally, as a great little gift is a vintage style wall hook, perfect as a small present because when you have a fancy vintage coat, it really does needs somewhere special to hang.